Industrial automation, development, repairs and restoration of manufacturing machines.
  • Projects

    Utility post marking machine

    Automatic measurement and marking of utility posts. Machine positions the post, measures it’s diameter and either nails a metal marking plate, or presses an identification microchip inside the board.
    Tool carriage is positioned using Festo servo motor, the rest is controlled by Siemens S7-1200 PLC and Siemens touch panel.

    Servo system in action:

    Vibration feeder for ID chips:

    Client: Latvenergo (national electricity provider company), july 2016.

    Automatic feed of packed wood boards

    Machine performs automatic dismantling of packs of boards and feeds them into planer. All process is supervised by one person, which is only possible because of specially developed machine vision system. Cameras perform two tasks:

    • Detecting the direction of grain in boards, and if required- turns them around- before feeding them in planer
    • Detects whether the boards are in correct position in one specific place of the conveyor (which is sensitive to warped boards).

    • Machine vision part detecting grain direction:

      Date: mid-2016